"After reading One God One Message the logic in the Bible makes sense and clicks in my mind. This book has created a real interest in me to read and understand the Holy Bible."

— Mohammad,
Middle Eastern Correspondent

"A mine of truth; the writing style is unique; it is full of human interest."

— Willliam MacDonald,
Author of Believer's Bible Commentary + 80 books

“In some mysterious way, this book reaches to the deeper part of our souls for God to touch. This is for anyone who is searching for good answers to tough questions.”

— Everett, Business Vice-President

"It reads like a detective story, which in a sense it is."

-Theo, Canadian Correspondent

One God One Message - World's bestseller made plainSee the BIG Picture.

Weaving together real-life stories, e-mails from skeptics, and a cliché-free, mind-bending, three-stage, 30-chapter (or 30-day) chronological journey through history's best loved and most hated story, ONE GOD ONE MESSAGE helps truth-seekers over the obstacles and offers a framework for rethinking life's greatest questions.

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KING of GLORY ISBN 9780979870675

THE Story in 70 Scenes.

With plain yet profound text alongside 70 bright and bold paintings, KING of GLORY tells the story of the Creator-Owner of the universe and His plan to rescue His rebellious subjects from the kingdom of darkness.
For a worldwide audience of all ages.

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Two scenes a week beginning Sept. 29, 2014...
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